I guess this isn’t really a guestbook, but it’s the only page that is open for commenting. So leave all your spam and abuse here if you feel the need.

6 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. sz

    that’s very kind! i’d love a place to leave all my spam and abuse. i don’t know why people keep giving it, and i certainly don’t want to keep it. this is a very useful service.

  2. Brian Kingett

    Hello, Rupert,

    I’ve just come across your photo,
    with the morris stick. I am the Brian who signed it. Funny how these things come up as I was talking to the rest of Knighton Morris about the couple of times that we signed broken sticks and presented them to crowd members. Although we stopped as an active group about 10 years ago, we had our 40 years celebration this weekend when many of us got together and tried dancing! Not up to our old standard, as we’re no longer fit, we’re mostly too old, and completely out of practice.

    It was good to see a reminder of our past. Thank you for publishing the photo.


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