This page is meant as a portal to all of my other things – I’ll try and keep it mostly relevant and put more random things into the Favourites tab.


The world of work:

  • Michael Lawrie – Me in a suit, in a past life.
  • Shonky Internet Systems – My first Internet company, and maybe the first “Open-Source” one ever!
  • – My hosting platforms.
  • Trolltamers – My Co-Operative moderation company, although more advice oriented now.
  • – WordPress hosting at Eastnet, I despise WordPress, it’s the worst of all worlds.

Other sites:


Social Media:

  • Twitter – Eeeew.
  • – Usually this is just full of The Archers, but mostly my scrobbling thing is broken.
  • Livejournal – Because where better to rant about Livejournal?

Older Stuff:

  • Caresana – I gave her to the Dunkirk Little Ships Museum in the end.

In case you miss the 1990s, the original Truckstop page is preserved here.

I don’t care.